Thursday, 13 May 2010

My eighth blog

Welcome to my latest blog - as I suspected, it isn't as easy as some bloggers make it look to keep up to date with posting!

I've been busy - okay, that's my excuse - writing the next novel, teaching and marking at the college where I work part-time, walking dogs and looking after the new additions to the family here.  We have adopted two rats who were abandoned by their owners.  I'm not sure why they didn't want them any more, because they're very friendly.

I'm really happy too because Trust Me, I'm a Vet reached number 28 in the Bookscan paperback bestseller list, and 34 in the all titles list in its first week of sales.

The piccie is of two couch potatoes - they were sleeping happily alongside each other until I woke them taking the photo.  Then the cat looked rather aggrieved, as if he felt that the dog was taking over the space.   

 It's lovely outside today, bright sunshine, but I'm hoping for rain.  Really.  Because we need the grass to grow to feed the ponies.  It's very unusual that we're still having to feed them hay in May.  

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